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Rattan Garden Dining Sets

Why not relax effortlessly in style this season, with a cup of your favourite tea, coffee, a glass of wine or even a cheeky cocktail, while seated at one of our durable rattan garden dining sets from an extensive collection that has an appeal that we know you’ll simply adore! You will not only become the envy of your friends as you wine and dine them, but each piece no matter how chic it is, is also easy to clean for your added convenience, of course!

In fact, you will find that our range of rattan dining furniture is practical without compromising on style at all, as your satisfaction means everything to us. Which is why we always aim to bring you the best at fantastic prices. We have an inspirational selection of woven rattan dining sets in stock, from the “Maze Rattan - LA 6 Seat Round Dining Set”, for those fabulous get-togethers and special family occasions. To the Maze Rattan - Milan 2 Seat Round Bistro Set that is perfect for two, or even solo with a book in hand.

We have rattan dining sets that are just perfect for that outdoor dining experience at home. Especially when you want to chill and soak up your surroundings, as if you were back on holiday all over again. You will definitely find that there is certainly something for everyone, no matter what your style is.

Another one of our favourite examples is the “Maze Rattan - Balcony Set” that seats four people. Its modern weave and exotic feel will give you the best of both worlds every single time you take a seat at this table. Compact in size it is suitable for most outside spaces, including balconies, porches and BBQ areas, and it can even be used indoors.

You will find that our rattan furniture is beautifully made, in addition to being PU UV protected from the sun to help it to last for much longer. Whilst not forgetting to mention that each of our dining sets are hand woven for that added touch of luxury, over a powder coated aluminium frame to ensure low maintenance. So, why not dine alfresco at home whenever you feel like it? We have rattan dining sets for large parties, and even just for two, and depending on the set that you purchase you will find that matching cushions and accessories, are also available for that extra comfort and your added benefit.

So whether you live in the city or reside in the countryside, here at Garden Living our team works tirelessly to provide you with a fantastic collection that will help you to relax and enjoy the experience over and over again. Available to you both online and in-store.

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Outdoor Rattan Dining Sets

Rattan furniture is resistant to rough weather, termites, moisture and splintering. This is why it makes them perfect for outdoor usage. Rattan boasts flexibility and durability under extreme heat. It regains toughness when it is cool. Such durability and strength is why people favour rattan for garden furniture. Rattan is available in varied colours and it is soft on the eye and enhances the overall appeal of a place. The colours are lacquered to protect the surface and increase longevity. Be it in your garden or on your patio they enhance the style quotient of your place without extra effort on maintenance. Rattan furniture comes in a variety shapes and sizes and is affordable. It is built for comfort and conforms to one’s body shape.

Rattan Dining Table and Chairs

Choosing the best dining furniture set doesn't just consist of picking the right dimensions or shape. Comfort level needs to be one of your top priorities. Rattan furniture comes with a variety of different table and chair sets which you can look into.

Rattan Dining Table

Choosing the right dining furniture comes down to finding a size and style of table which is compatible with your budget. Since the table is the largest object in the dining area, it is usually the style of the table which determines the choice. Your table is the most important part of your dining room set. Rattan dining tables are made to standard height so there are very little to choose between them in this aspect. Rattan dining tables are sturdy and usually are topped with a glass surface .The tables are very easy to clean because of this glass top. Most often chairs are the last things to get chosen. There is nothing worse than sitting down with friends for a long time and finding the chair so uncomfortable that you want to leave. Choosing the right width and padding is very important. If there is any advice you can give someone is to buy chairs that are most versatile. Some of the most versatile chairs made today are made of rattan.

Rattan Dining Chairs

So you have decided to buy some rattan garden dining furniture set and you have seen it as a cube set at its looks stunning. The good thing about cubed chairs is that it saves space and its tucks nicely and neatly into its self. This alone is a very good reason to buy a set. If you are considering buying rattan chairs make sure to take measurements to fit your space requirements. Make sure to take notice with what is included in your rattan dining furniture set. Many cubed sets come with footstools which means it can double up for extra seating space around the table. Remember if you were to get a 4 seater square cubed set, and you have more people around the space can become quite cramped. Buying a rectangular cube set would then be more appropriate for you. The rectangular cube set often comes with your 6 chairs and 4 footstools.

Rattan Dining Sets

Rattan dining sets are available in various colours and textures. Rattan can give different effects around your home. They are designed to be easily cleaned. Rattan dining sets are becoming more and more popular. The reason why rattan dining sets look so good is because of the quality of the finish. The quality looks good enough to be used outside on the patio and even inside the house. It is quite common to use patio furniture in the house during winter months. Rattan furniture looks very stylish this is why you see a lot of people are buying it. It adds a certain magic to the outside dining area when you are entertaining or socialising. Using rattan furniture in the long run can save you a lot of money as the furniture lasts for years even if it is outside all year long.

Rattan garden dining sets are not only irresistible but they provide the right amount of comfort for someone that is visiting your home. If you are lazy lounging by the pool side is your thing then you can find a wide array of sets available. Rattan cube garden furniture is popular right now. Contemporary sofa sets tend to have graceful modernist curves that set them apart from other garden furniture.

Why is rattan furniture so unique?

1 - It is waterproof, rattan wood is waterproof and withstand in any climatic conditions. One benefit is that it is made to be mould free.
2 - It is easy to clean, rattan garden furniture develops and sets aesthetic beauty. Cleaning rattan is very simple. You can just use a hose pipe or brush it off daily.
3 - It is available in diverse collections, making the choice of buying garden furniture is difficult. Rattan is accessible in a range of prices that outfits the various sections of people.
4 - The precise design of rattan furniture is useful for people suffering from backache.

With all the advantages of using rattan furniture, you can see why it is so popular. It is durable, easy to maintain, cheaper in price, safe and it is eco-friendly. It is also elegant looking and stylish. Rattan furniture has a classic and timeless look that will never be out dated.